Hallisey and Johnson Law

Hallisey and Johnson specializes in probate and trust matters and probate and trust litigation. The firm probates estates, initiates and defends will contests, files creditors’ claims and defends trusts and estates from creditors’ claims, prosecutes and defends elder abuse cases, and handles all aspects of conservatorship proceedings.

The firm is involved in cases throughout the State of California. The cases come either directly from clients or by referrals by other attorneys. Our law firm assumes total responsibility for the case or will work in close collaboration with a referring attorney. The firm has been successful in many substantial recoveries for its clients.

Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis or on an hourly basis depending on the individual case.

Jeremiah F. Hallisey

Jeremiah F. Hallisey has served as a Regent of the University of California for twelve years and as a member of the California Transportation Commission for eight years. Mr. Hallisey has played major roles in many statewide election campaigns of Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Governor Gray Davis, Controller John Chiang, Controller Steve Westly, President Barack Obama, and many others.

Charlene Haught Johnson

Charlene Haught Johnson has served as a California Probate Referee in San Mateo County, California since 1975. She is presently Chair of the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transit Authority.